Intercom Station

Because every word counts.

Because every word counts, everything speaks for solutions from Commend. Because every second may be decisive, people need a technology which not
only functions, but is 100 percent reliable – in all situations, 24 hours a day.

We at Commend are fully aware of our responsibilities. Since every day, millions of people world-wide rely on us. Whether in the London Underground system, in a multi-storey car park in France or in a hospital in the USA: communication and security are our driving forces.

Speech. Images. Data.
Information that enhances security.

The current trend in security and communication requires comprehensive and compact system solutions that integrate all elements of communication.
Commend offers a large number of features that facilitate the creation of purpose made communication and security solutions for each application area.

Protecting people and valuables

Buildings // Emergency Service (Fire brigades, rescue forces, police) // Town Centres // Prisons and Detention Centres

Commend provides the essential means of reliable communication for all types of general security and emergency situations. Commend Intercom systems support the seamless integration of various systems for CCTV Surveillance, Mobile Radio, Alarms and Control. All systems and components are brought together on a common platform.

The uniform user interface gives security staff convenient control of all functions and tasks required to ensure life safety and secure property. Easy operation, both for the public and security personnel, combined with very high speech quality ensure effective and efficient results.

Help at the push of a button

Airports // Car Parking // Railways // Subways // Buses // Cable Cars // Harbours // Highways // Toll Stations //Tunnels

No matter where people go, they expect to be able to summon
assistance quickly and easily. On motorways, bridges, in tunnels
and trains, at airports, railway stations, bus stops... just about
everywhere, Help Points for assistance or emergency are taken
for granted and have to be made available. Commend provides
high-quality audio/video Information and Emergency Call Stations
for the public and Control Room equipment for the appropriate
authorities' control centres.

Commend Control Desk systems enable security staff to quickly assess the situation, communicate with all the relevant emergency services and get the right help to those in need - fast!

Industry & Commerce

Perfect communication for
efficiency and security

Oil and Gas // Heavy Industry //
Light Industry // Public Utilities

Oil & Gas platforms, Refineries, Fuel Distribution Depots, Heavy and Light Industrial Plants, Electricity, Gas and Water Utilities: they all need essentially the same type of high-quality communication, video and control systems suitable for use in extremely harsh environments. However, every installation needs to be specifically tailored to suit the precise operational and security particulars of its individual business environment.

For over 30 years, Commend has been providing a wide range of certified call stations to cover just about every possible application and environment. The hardware is controlled by extremely flexible, site-configurable software whose functions and features provide exactly what the industry and local regulations require.

Health Care & Education

Communication that can save lives

Hospitals and Clinics // University Campuses //
Schools and Kindergartens // Leisure and Entertainment Centres // Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Commend provides communication and security applications specifically tailored to the requirements and regulations of hospitals and clinics, schools and universities, kindergartens, leisure centres, nursing homes and sheltered housing programmes. People who benefit from the systems range from trained personnel through to pupils, students and people with various forms of impairment. Supported system facilities include security, operational and emergency applications and facilities.

Intercom Terminals

Commend offers the perfect Intercom terminal for every application environment – including, for example, stations with anti-bacterial surfaces for hospitals, vandal-resistant devices for subway stations, and units with certified explosion protection for the petrochemical industry.

Intercom Terminals
Intercom Control Systems

Intercom Control Systems

"Everything under control!" Commend Control Desk solutions powered by ComWIN visualisation software demonstrate that it is possible to keep even complex Intercom networks, video and control functions easily under control with a well-designed, clean user interface.

Various additional software are available to extend the system's capabilities as needed. The Intercom Client transforms Windows-based PCs into call terminals, and ComACCESS offers an all-in-one access management solution.

Intercom Server

The Commend Intercom Servers could be described as multi-talented interfacing geniuses. In addition to subscriber cards for call stations, they support a wide spectrum of interface cards for anything from voice messaging to notification and control tasks, including the integration of various third-party systems.

Intercom Server